“Presented in lovely third-person pixel art – and plenty of unique voiced responses.”

Adventure Gamers

“An absurdly funny adventure where you know you’ll smile throughout. Lucy Dreaming turns one nerdy girl’s nightmare into a wacky adventure chock-full of pop culture references & fun pointy & clicky times.”

Cryptic Hybrid

“A fun adventure with great pixel art, awesome voices and music. Lucy is a little wise-ass and is an enjoyable protagonist to hang out with. Looking forward to see the whole game and all the mysteries Lucy’s dreams will show me!”

Adventure Games Podcast

Hey, you made it to the website of a new retro, pixel arty point and click adventure game by Tall Story Games, you clever sausage. Here you can find out about the game, read the blog and subscribe. The initial game demo is currently in development, below you can see how it’s progressing.

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Easter eggs

About the game

Discover the concept behind the game, and the long term aims of the project.


Here you’ll find the blog/devlog/mindspew of Tom Hardwidge who is the sole writer, designer and developer of the game.


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