About the game

Lucy has a recurring nightmare!

Guide her in her journey to discover the secrets of dream control so that she can face her demons and finally put her nightmares behind her.

Learn how to influence the environment and characters that manifest while you’re dreaming to build up your confidence, unlock hidden memories and solve puzzles between dreams and the real world.

Despite the undertones of mindfulness and psychology, Lucy Dreaming won’t take itself too seriously, it will be an irreverent and humourous adventure of self-discovery, surreal worlds and a giant duck with a bread problem.

The intention

The plan so far is thus:

  • Create demo of the game (currently in testing)
  • Drum up some wildly enthusiastic support on social media
  • Put out a begging bowl on Kickstarter with a slick trailer, the demo and some cool backer rewards and stretch goals
  • Get the money
  • Run off to the Bahamas
  • Complete development of the full the game for a range of platforms including Windows, Mac and (hopefully) iOS & Android too
  • Make the world a better place

So far the development of the demo is going well and I am hugely enjoying the process. Here’s where it’s currently up to:








Easter eggs

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