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After AdvXJam in November, I have 3 completed (albeit relatively short) adventure games under my belt. As a result of this, I have started to take things a bit more seriously and have now officially launched Tall Story Games in partnership with my long-suffering wife Emma.

This will be the overarching brand that all future games will sit under, including “Lucy Dreaming”.

Which brings me to something else…

What the hell happened to “Lucid Adventure”?

Anyone who follows me and my games in the Twittersphere will have a pretty good idea of what’s going on with Lucid, but here’s a recap. I am very, very VERY bad at research apparently.

I originally wanted to call the game just “Lucid”, but discovered that there was already a game called “Lucid” out there.

“Fair enough.” I thought, “I’ll just call it Lucid Adventure and everything will be fine. Yeah?”


There have probably been a few raised eyebrows when “Lucid Adventure” has been Googled by better people than me and they have discovered that there is already a well-established game already in existence called “Lucid Adventure”.

How this passed me by is answerable only with “…because you’re an idiot Tom”.

The original Lucid Adventure.

If you like Idle RPGs, honestly it looks pretty good. Check it out.

With this revelation ringing in my ears, I decided to re-name my game, and after discussing it with a few of my contemporaries settled on “Lucy Dreaming” which sounds a bit like “Lucid Dreaming” if you say it out loud. Plus, the main character is already called Lucy, so that tied in pretty nicely.

I then when through the arduous task of updating all of the references I could find to my game as “Lucid Adventure”, and updating them all. Including new domain names, social media handles etc.

As this upheaval was already going on, I decided it wasn’t a bad time to co-launch the new game title with the launch of Tall Story Games as my new studio brand.

I know there will be a bit of confusion for a while whilst I mop up any other references/accounts/links/videos/images I’ve missed, but hopefully it has been worth it, and at least it’s better to do it sooner rather than later.

Thanks for bearing with me, and if you spot any “Lucid” references hanging on, please let me know.

Tom x

2 replies on “Tall Story”

Oops. I noticed the other Lucid Adventure a few weeks ago when I was googling for yours (because I couldn’t remember the domain name), but I assumed you already knew about it.
Oh well, Lucy Dreaming is more unique and memorable.

In all honesty, I found out about it just before I started making Hair of the Dog, and kind of hoped it would just go away.
Surprise surprise…it didn’t, so I’ve had to address it now I have the time to do it properly.

I don’t know how I missed it. I can only assume that I was so confident that it wouldn’t already exist that I didn’t even bother to look!

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