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My own AdvXJam Awards

The AdventureX Jam I took part in in November 2020 has had some utterly stellar entries. But here are just a few of my top picks for various reasons.

Unrelenting ear worm award

Swarm of the Plague Babies by @charlottegore

Despite being a beautifully-written and acted piece of hilarious adventure game drama. This entry will be forever be remembered (and I do mean FOREVER) by its theme tune which cannot be un-heard, even if you push a phillips screwdriver into your ear hole and twist it repeatedly. And I’ve tried.

Inappropriate LOL award

This has been jointly awarded to two entries.

Duty First by @gugames_eu

There are some really funny concepts and dialogue throughout this game, but it’s the end scene when you complete it actually made me spit out my tea. No spoilers, you’ll just have to play it to the end.

The Fall and Rise of Sadcock-upon-Avon by @OrbisTertiusGms and others

I played this one late on the Saturday night just before the deadline so the developers were still working out a couple of bugs. I did, however, manage to progress enough into the potion-making scene though which offers the player the incredible action of “Throw some dick in.”. Again, this really tickled me, along with the beautifully-crafted artwork which is peppered throughout with a great many penises. Bravo.

Pixel gore award

Loco Motive by @RobustGames

I don’t need to tell you that over the years there have been a number of incredibly gory video games, with ludicrous amounts of the red stuff being spread about willy nilly. But the sublimly-timed animation of arterial pixels in this game are both beautiful and nauseating in equal measure.

Catharsis award

SCART Insertion Happy Time Adventure 2020 by @sonnybondsmusic

Every so often you come across a piece of art that really speaks to you. It’s like the creator has searched the inner workings of your very soul and then plays them like a finely-tuned instrument.

I am not exaggerating when I say that this game has helped me come to terms with deep-seated personal trauma which I have repressed for at least 15-20 years. It is “real” beyond belief, and completing it has completed me.

I thank you @sonnybondsmusic.

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